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a domestic or tamed animal kept for companionship or pleasure

Pets are so much more than the dictionary definition. Pets are family, but not for long enough. Despite their short lifespan, they make an incredible impact on our hearts and our lives. It doesn't matter if it's a dog, cat, horse, pig, chicken, iguana or turtle...they are family. They've been there through the good and the bad, supporting us, loving us, making us laugh, showing us their unique and quirky personalities and sadly, when it's time for them to leave our lives, they make us cry. Losing a pet is one of the most heart wrenching, difficult life experiences I have ever felt. Our deep, deep love for our pets is what keeps many of us going on a daily basis. What better way to preserve and honour their memory, but with a professional photography session.

A pet session is a fun, interactive time between you, your pet and myself. My aim is to allow your pet to be as comfortable with me and my camera there, as they are any other time. Animals are always more comfortable in their own surroundings or place they frequent most. I'm happy to go wherever that may be. I will capture your pets personality, quirks and attitude, the eyes, nose, patterns of fur and the bond you share with your pet. Outdoor sessions are always fun, as we can capture your pet freely playing in our beautiful Sunshine Coast landscape, whether that's the forest, the beach, a field or a park. Once we've had a playtime, some treats and lots of action shots, I'll aim to get some intimate moments between you and your pet as they wind down and begin to relax. 

'Legacy YOLO' This session is special. YOLO stands for, you only live once, a popular term at the time our family went through end of life decisions with our beloved dog Milli. She had large tumour in her chest that was inoperable and we made the decision to end her pain. Once our family decided on the day, we then thought we'd give her the best darn last day she could ever imagine! She played with every single toy, napped, ate a chocolate cupcake, was allowed on the couch for cuddles and on the bed! I photographed every moment, every lick of her chocolate covered nose, every glance from her, wondering if she was going to get told to get off the couch, every moment of love that was felt between each family member and Milli. I got them all. And I'd be thrilled to be able to do that for you too. You come up with the ideas, and I'll come with my camera. This session could last up to 3 hours and yield up to 40 images depending on number and family members and events. $500

'Best Friends Out and About' This session consists of up to 2 locations, up to 2 hours duration and 25 beautifully captured and edited images digitally delivered. Perfect for a home and beach/forest/park shoot. $350

'Best Friends at Home' This session consists of one location, up to one hour in duration and delivery of 15 beautifully captured and edited images digitally delivered. Perfect for cats, birds and other animals that don't leave home. $250

'Legacy' This session is near and dear to my heart. This session is for pets with an imminent death; sudden terminal illness and dying pets. I will make every effort to book the session within hours of notification if necessary, and, if my schedule allows, as I understand time can be of the essence.  My deep understanding and empathy will ensure a gentle and kind time with you and your loved one, capturing your special moments together. I have discounted the price on the Legacy session to ensure that all our animal family members have the opportunity to be memorialized with beautiful photographs. Up to 45 minutes and up to 15 images delivered $150

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